Packaging Services Consultancy

Packaging Services Consultancy – will help you cut supply chain costs

DS Smith Packaging Services offers a full range of Packaging Consultancy, to include site audits, written reports, pack specification and packaging database management.

How does it work?

DS Smith Packaging Services consults on all aspects of packaging from sourcing to recycling. Our team of packaging consultants will audit the total packaging supply chain, products, processes and document flows to establish cost optimisations. Our Packaging Consultancy process is built on 6 sigma principles tailored to the packaging environment.

After the consultancy process is complete DS Smith Packaging Services can either support the sourcing and supply process to help you achieve packaging supply chain savings, or offer to implement the complete packaging solution.


  • You can focus on your core business
  • Packaging Consultancy from a packaging company
  • Packaging Consultancy from a company that implements packaging solutions
  • Packaging Consultancy that delivers clear results
  • Creative packaging ideas