Logistic & Distribution Customer

DS Smith Packaging Division have a proven track record in the design and manufacture of Heavy Duty Bulk Packaging for the Distribution and Logistics sectors.

Logistics & Distribution packaging problem to solve

An Industrial Logistics & Distribution provider was experiencing high damage rates when shipping large panels to Home & Export market customers. The damages incurred were in excess of £100,000 per annum!

The packaging being used was low cost & whilst it provided effective protection to 95% of the product, the corners & edges were vulnerable & even minor damage during Inbound & Outbound logistics meant the product had to be scrapped & this damaged customer goodwill. Internally, the customer was using polystyrene to minimise breakages, but this wasn't 100% effective & the mixed packaging design also meant that the packaging was difficult to dispose of or recycle, by the end user.

DS Smith Packaging Division Logistics & Distribution packaging solution

We undertook a scientific study in our UKAS and BSI accredited laboratory of the existing packaging method and used a rig to replicate the Inbound & Outbound handling logistics. Through this study, we were able to measure the forces involved, understand where & why the damage was occurring & present a solution to our customer. The DS Smith Packaging Division solution was also tested in an identical method & proved that the new design, replacing polystyrene with heavy duty corrugated board inserts, dramatically reduced the potential for damage.

DS Smith Packaging Division Logistics & Distribution packaging benefit for our customer

Although the new packaging design was slightly more expensive than the original, the product damages & return rates have significantly reduced & the total savings our customer has achieved represent a dramatic cost reduction, such that we have now been invited to investigate other packaging problems in their organisation.