Food Customer

DS Smith Packaging Division have proven solutions for “Back of Store” logistic applications and Front of Store “POP” Display packs.

Food packaging problem to solve

A major UK Food Ingredient manufacturer sources ingredients from a wide range of international suppliers, but they were all supplying in different packaging types. This created inefficiencies in the supply chain as transport and warehouse facilities were not fully optimised and some of the packaging was difficult to dispose of.

DS Smith Packaging Division Food packaging solution

With the support of our customer, we contacted all the suppliers and explained the problems that were being caused. Packaging ideas were developed with all parties needs in mind and a strong 750 kg bulk cardboard packaging solution was developed and fully tested.

DS Smith Packaging Division Food packaging benefit for our customer

The customer now receives product from all his European suppliers in an identical cardboard bulk package. This bulk secondary packaging reduces packing time for the supplier and speeds up "decanting" for our customer.

The cardboard packing box, including the cardboard KAYPAL ®  pallet base is now simply put back into the recycling stream, which in turn eliminates costly disposal of mixed packaging types.