Chemicals & Plastics Customer

DS Smith Packaging Division have an established reputation for the design and manufacture of Heavy Duty Bulk Packaging for the Chemical and Plastics industries.

Chemical & Plastics packaging problem to solve

A manufacturer of plastic granules was exporting a range of goods of varying densities to their clients in laminated rectangular cardboard boxes supplied by a DS Smith Packaging Division competitor. The boxes were cost effective, but bulged, due to the large panels, making it difficult to fit inside the shipping containers and they also required time consuming assembly and manual handling. This created inefficiencies in the supply chain as transport and warehouse facilities were not fully optimised.

DS Smith Packaging Division Chemical & Plastics packaging solution

We developed a range of packaging ideas for review with the customer and settled on a telescopic "Ready4Use" Octabin construction as being the most suitable for the needs of them and their customers.

The DS Smith Packaging Division IBC is supplied with the die cut base cap pre-folded and glued inside.

Unlike the competitors box, the DS Smith Packaging Division solution is supplied without the need of bulky flaps and also supplied "layflat" it occupies significantly less space in our customer's warehouse

DS Smith Packaging Division Chemical & Plastic packaging benefit for our customer

As the name implies, the DS Smith Packaging Division telescopic "Ready4Use" Octabin has 8 sides, rather than 4, as previously used by the customer and is therefore more efficient and effective, from both a cost and performance point of view when packing "free flowing" products.

The containers do not bulge, which means "stuffing" containers is a much quicker process, as is unloading by the final recipient.

Due to its telescopic design, our customer can now pack and ship products of varying density in a pre-determined weight (in this instance 1000 kgs) as the package "telescopes" down to its natural height and can also be double stacked, prior to shipment.