Automotive glass is notoriously difficult to pack as it is both fragile and contoured in shape. Our Design Engineers here at DS Smith Packaging Division not only build protection into the final packaging design, but they use psychology too!

Automotive packaging for windscreens

If a logistics company see a “brown box” they treat it as such as the contents become “invisible”, this often leads to heavy handling in the supply chain and sometimes damaged product.  By developing a clever one piece die cut wrap protecting the vulnerable edges of the windscreen with heavy duty corrugated cardboard and leaving the majority of the product visible, our designers ensure that the package is handled in a completely different way to traditional packaging. This results in less packaging being required and a return rate of virtually zero. The product can be quickly accessed and the packaging collapsed flat for either re-use or recycling.

Vehicle Glass Transit

  • Reduction of Damage
  • Returnable/Reusable Solution
  • Integrated Handling System
  • Easy Assembly
  • Fully Recyclable

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