Automotive Packaging

DS Smith Packaging Division UK, strategically located for the automotive industry, specialise in providing innovative automotive packaging solutions for the car industry. We design and manufacture a wide range of packaging products which are supplied to most of the major vehicle manufacturers.

Our sustainable packaging materials are principally heavy duty corrugated board which is more cost effective compared to any other protective packaging material.

Key advantages for the automotive industry

  • Short development to supply cycle Time to market to develop an automotive packaging design from first point of contact to packaging delivery takes typically weeks rather than months.
  • Low origination costs Modest tooling compared to other types of materials for automotive packaging.
  • Custom design and print Our customised packaging design solutions provide optimal protection for automotive parts.

Solutions for automotive packaging for all sectors

DS Smith Packaging Division supply a wide range of the automotive industries packaging requirements, from a delicate light cluster to complete engines.DS Smith Packaging Industrial Division are members of the SMMT - Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

Aftermarket (Spare Parts)

The stringent demands of our clients require high service levels and often next day delivery of aftermarket packaging for automotive parts.

Examples of aftermarket packaging include:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

The strict demands of "line-side" delivery require a zero defect supply chain that delivers through innovative packaging design and consistent manufacturing quality

Examples of OEM packaging include:

  • Engines
  • Gearboxes
  • Steering racks
  • Batteries
  • Dashboards

CKD (Complete Knocked Down)

Through the DS Smith Packaging Division automotive packaging network across 25 countries we can meet the specific needs of our international customer base. Our experience in this sector includes packaging solutions for "bridge build" projects across the globe.

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