Read about a PowerPly Boxes customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

PowerPly is a brand name of the DS Smith Packaging Division company, but also a generic term used throughout the world for describing strong 3 wall heavy duty “Gaylord” type export quality cardboard boxes. PowerPly cardboard packaging boxes, typically are suited for 1200 x 1000 pallets or 1200 x 800 “Euro Pallets” and for contents weights in excess of 1000 kgs and are suitable for double stacking for worldwide shipment.

PowerPly packaging problem to solve;

A manufacturer of centrifugal pumps was packing product in traditional, "close boarded" softwood packing boxes. These boxes had been used for many years and provided good protection, but when urgent customer requirements had to be met and airfreighting was required, the shipping costs were very high. Additionally, as many of their customers were needing to comply with new packaging regulations, this focussed their minds on the hidden packaging costs they were incurring, as they were now having to pay for disposal of the wooden packing crates.

DS Smith Packaging Division PowerPly packaging solution;

By listening to our customers problems and working with them and our Packaging Engineers, we developed a heavy duty corrugated cardboard PowerPly box with standard base flaps and a double wall cardboard cap. The open top box design allowed easy access for our customer to pack product into and also made it very easy for their customer to access too, by simply cutting the 2 security bands. The end user required to take product from the PowerPly cardboard box over a number of days, so it was easy for them to simply take the lid on and off as required, whilst protecting the contents from the elements.

DS Smith Packaging Division PowerPly packaging benefit for our customer;

Our customer saved £6500 in freight costs alone in year one. Packing time was reduced from 45 to 15 minutes as nailing with pneumatic guns was no longer required and this improved safety too.

The cost of the PowerPly packing cases saved a further £18,000 a year and the ease of recycling the PowerPly boxes improved their customer goodwill.

This premium PowerPly packaging solution has saved our customer a total of £24,500 on his annual packaging spend, in addition to the packing time saving of 30 minutes per box.