A new system of liquid packaging designed and developed specifically as a one trip solution for the efficient and secure bulk shipment of liquids and semi liquids.

Shipping overseas - is fraught with danger, risk and extensive costs, especially when the products being shipped are liquids, particulates or semi liquids. Traditional methods of packaging are restrictive and made from expensive and non -sustainable raw materials.

Hybrid³ is a one trip solution for shipping bulk volumes of liquid destined for export markets throughout the world, or for supply chains where recovery of returnable packaging is costly or impossible, and requires detailed management.

Hybrid³ - Bulk Liquid PackagingHybrid³ is versatile and will assist in reducing costs in many aspects of the supply chain, and will deliver your goods to your customer safely and securely. The advantages are simple, and can lead to significant savings. For example Hybrid³ can offer up to 20% saving on handling costs over traditional packaging methods.

With both drums and rigid IBC's, some products may be difficult to discharge and require an element of manual handling by your customer or be unrecoverable. Hybrid³ offers up to 100% discharge of product.

Intelligent design will give increased utilisation of a shipping container by up to 20%. For high volume export this can offer extensive savings.

Hybrid³ has been designed to ensure compatibility for all varieties of transport, all filling and discharge applications, in both aseptic and non-aseptic environments. Available in several sizes from 500litre to 1000litre units.

Hybrid³ Product Advantages

  • Reduces handling costs when compared to drums
  • Reduces transport costs due to better utilisation of the vehicle.
  • Compatibility with all filling and discharge processes
  • Can be used for aseptic products
  • Fully contained contents for discharge removing contamination concerns
  • Position of discharge allows 100% discharge of product
  • Sustainable materials
  • Fully recyclable & recoverable materials

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