Read about an Easy Pack customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

DS Smith Packaging's Division Easy Pack is designed for use on standard 1200 x 1000 pallet or 1200 x 800 “Euro Pallets”. Easy Pack is available in tough double or triple wall Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard and suitable for product packing weights up to 1000 kgs with double stacking for worldwide shipment.

Easy Pack packaging problem to solve;

A food manufacturer was using regular "full flapped" pallet boxes to distribute various types of food ingredients in bulk, across the UK and into mainland Europe.

In order to pack the required 350kgs of product onto a 1200 x 1000 pallet, the box had to be just over 1 metre deep and on top of the pallet, this meant that operators had to reach in to the box to pack a container that was approaching 1200mm deep. With the obstruction of the boxes large top flaps, this meant that it was a difficult job and inevitably, the bottom layer of product was sometimes "dropped" into position in the pallet box, rather than being carefully placed and this caused some product damage.

DS Smith Packaging Division Easy Pack bulk packaging solution;

We immediately realised that Easy Pack could offer the transport solution that the customer was seeking. It's unique, yet simple design allows the Easy Pack central portion on the box front flap and panel to "reverse fold" creating a large opening through which the operator can easily load product onto the base of the box without the need for stretching. Once fully packed, the Easy Pack assembly will automatically lock back into place once the top flaps of the box are folded shut. The clever box design means that tape or staples are not required to seal the container and the box can be easily banded onto the pallet.

DS Smith Packaging Division Easy Pack packaging benefit for our customer;

Complaints from employees have completely disappeared since the introduction of the Easy Pack pallet box and product damage during the packing process has been reduced to virtually zero.

Easy Pack is now supplied in Heavy Duty CA Calibre board for this application and whilst our box is a little more expensive than the lighter weight BC flute pallet box it replaces, it represents a total cost saving to the customer and a much preferred bulk pack for their clients too!