Read about a Cardboard Pallet customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

KAYPAL ® cardboard pallets are typically 1200 x 1000 or 1200 x 800 “Euro Pallets”, but can just as easily be manufactured in any size to suit your products and method of distribution. DS Smith cardboard pallets are from incredibly strong heavy duty corrugated cardboard, DS Smith cardboard pallets are suitable for loads up to 500kgs.

KAYPAL ® Cardboard pallet packaging problem to solve;

A book publisher was using traditional wooden pallets to export various educational publications around the world. The pallets were strong and provided good support, but by its very nature, timber has a high and variable moisture content and this was causing 2 problems. Firstly, when the pallets were wet from outside storage, the tare weight of the shipment increased considerably and as shipments were generally airfreighted, this increased shipping costs considerably. Secondly, when the pallets had a high moisture content, some of the moisture migrated from the pallet, to the goods and on occasions, causing damage to the books themselves.

DS Smith Packaging Division cardboard pallet packaging solution;

We analysed the customers distribution system and developed a KAYPAL ® corrugated cardboard pallet system, with integrated base cap, which in addition to providing extra strength and bending stiffness, gave extra base protection to the vulnerable edges and corners. The base tray provided a flat base upon which the books could be stacked and a good area for the stretch wrap to adhere to.

DS Smith Packaging Division Cardboard pallet packaging benefit for our customer;

Our KAYPAL ® corrugated cardboard pallet was more expensive than the wooden pallet it replaced, but as the tare weight was considerably lower and consistent, the extra cost was more than outweighed by the airfreight savings.

As the moisture content of corrugated cardboard is very low, no moisture passed from the base to the books, so further savings were achieved as damages were virtually eliminated.