Read about a Wraparound customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

DS Smith Packaging Division “Wraparound” packaging is a heavy duty corrugated cardboard packaging system with reinforced ends, which can either be cardboard or wooden, depending on the application. The ends contribute to extra stacking strength and ease of assembly. A pallet can be integrated so the packaging is easier to handle and transport.

Wraparound packaging problem to solve;

A manufacturer of industrial roller shutter doors was shipping goods to export clients in "close boarded" wooden boxes and had been doing so for many years. The wooden packaging was performing well, but it was very heavy, resulting in excessive shipping costs. Their customers were starting to complain that the packaging was difficult and costly to dispose of and following the introduction of new products, incorporating sensitive control equipment, they were starting to notice some damage during transportation.

DS Smith Packaging Division Wraparound packaging solution;

We analysed the packing and distribution process and developed packaging ideas with the customer.

During testing of the existing package in our UKAS and BSI accredited laboratory, we established that the damage to the sensitive control equipment was being caused by the wooden packaging itself. The timber packing boxes were very strong, but rather than absorbing energy during rough handling, the forces were being transmitted directly to the product and occasionally causing damage.

Our heavy duty triple wall corrugated Wraparound solution cushioned the sensitive mechanism and protected it from damage during transportation.

DS Smith Packaging Division Wraparound packaging benefit for our customer;

Replacing the wooden box our customer was previously using with a heavy duty triple wall Wraparound produced many benefits;

80% space saving on incoming packaging.43% increase in pack assembly.Improved packaging aesthetics of our printed replacement.Elimination of product damage.The new packaging is now recycled by the end user, rather than paying for wooden boxes to be disposed of.