Read about a WEEE customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

WEEE bulk secondary cardboard packaging boxes, typically on 1200 x 1000 or “Euro Pallets”, provide ideal supply chain solutions for electrical and electronic equipment in weights of up to 1000 kgs and above and are suitable for double stacking for worldwide shipment.

WEEE bulk packaging problem to solve;

A distributor and recycler of electrical goods needed to comply with the WEEE directive and was having performance issues with the lightweight corrugated cardboard packaging he had been using.

DS Smith Packaging Division WEEE Bulk packaging solution;

We developed packaging ideas with the customer, replacing 48 cardboard boxes with a single WEEE heavy duty corrugated KAYPAL ® cardboard pallet based container and an integrated cardboard pallet.

DS Smith Packaging Division WEEE bulk packaging benefit for our customer;

Our customer was using 5000 x 25kg cardboard boxes per week, which have now been replaced by 100 WEEE bulk packaging containers from DS Smith Packaging Division.

This premium packaging solution has saved our customer around 12% on his packaging spend.