Read about a Surestack customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

DS Smith Packaging Division Surestack works in conjunction with “Big Bags”, to add to their performance and allow users to maximize warehouse space by double stacking and eliminate the risk of product contamination, during transportation.

Surestack problem to solve;

A user of flexible "Big Bags" was packing and shipping 1000kgs of fertilizer to European clients. They appreciated the low cost of this packaging solution, but sometimes had problems with product contamination caused by wood splinters puncturing and entering the bag and the unsuitability for stacking in the warehouse meant that the space was not being used efficiently.

Some of their clients use automated handling systems and when the "Big Bags" bulge, this sometimes trips the "Magic Eye" and causes the conveyors to stop.

DS Smith Packaging Division Surestack packaging solution;

We studied the supply chain and for selected end users of the client, proposed a triple wall heavy duty corrugated octagonal Surestack, to allow our customer and the end user to double stack product in a safe manner and to ensure the bulging was eliminated.

For less sensitive clients and those with appropriate distribution channels, we recommended that "Big Bags" continued to be used, to minimise total cost.

DS Smith Packaging Division Surestack packaging benefit for our customer;

Although our customer increased his total packaging costs by adopting Surestack, the majority of this was offset by reducing warehouse costs as Surestack is now double stacked for most of their clients and the contamination problem has been eliminated.

The bulk packs no longer bulge due to the rigid triple wall heavy duty corrugated cardboard sleeve, consequently, the end users handling systems run without problem now.