Read about a Ready for Use customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

Ready for Use secondary bulk cardboard packaging boxes are designed for standard 1200 x 1000 or 1200 x 800 "Euro Pallets" and are suitable for weights of up to 1000 kgs and above. Ready for Use boxes are suitable for double stacking for worldwide shipment and can be supplied in either a rectangular format, suitable for components and smaller primary packages or octagonal shape, suitable for free flowing powders, granules and small components e.g. closures and pre-forms, in weights typically 500 kgs up to 1200 kgs.

Ready for Use problem to solve;

A distributor of small electronic components was distributing goods, pre-packed into 5kg, 10kg and 25kg lightweight boxes for Home and Export markets into a lightweight pallet box, originally designed for local shipments.

There were 2 main problems, firstly, as their export markets were expanding they incurred increasing rates of damage, as the existing pallet box wasn't providing sufficient protection in the extended export supply chain.

Secondly, as volumes were increasing, due to the increase in export consignments, the lone packer was having problems keeping up with demand, as it was taking 5 minutes to assemble each pallet box and it was difficult to pack the first layer, as reaching inside the tall box meant that the box flaps got in the way.

Feedback from some customers also showed that they were having difficulty collapsing the pallet boxes down after use for re-cycling.

DS Smith Packaging Division Ready for Use bulk packaging solution;

The first priority was to develop a pallet box with sufficient strength to eliminate the product damage. Based on the application, supply chain and need to stack the boxes 2 high in transit, Duabord Heavy was confirmed by our laboratory as the appropriate grade to withstand the 400 kg top load and to aid loading and unloading, we incorporated an "Easy Pack" drop front, which speeded up the packing process. These pack features were incorporated into a "Ready for Use" box style, which meant our customer no longer needed to use tape and staples or fold unwieldy box flaps.

DS Smith Packaging Division Ready for Use packaging benefit for our Customer;

The unique "Easy Pack" drop front feature saves considerable packing time and also allows the end user to access the product more quickly and safely, as bending and stretching into the box has been reduced. The end user can now access the product more easily and collapse the pallet box for recycling.

The tough double A flute Duaboard Heavy box has also stopped damages occurring, which in turn has considerably improved customer goodwill.

This premium Ready for Use packaging solution has saved our customer around 28% on his total packaging and shipping spend, when product damages are taken into account.