Read about a Produce Pack customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

Bulk produce packaging solutions, typically on 1200 x 1000 or 1200 x 800 “Euro Pallets”, provide Supply Chain solutions for weights of up to 1000 kgs and are suitable for double stacking and worldwide shipment of fresh, chilled and frozen produce.

Produce packaging problem to solve;

A grower of cabbage and other produce was using lightweight 2 piece double wall boxes strengthened with wooden corners for UK and European distribution of produce. The finished pack was banded horizontally for additional security. As the cabbages are dense and heavy, the existing packaging was not performing satisfactorily and as well as bulging, the wooden corner posts were sometimes snapping and the 3 types of packaging waste were causing problems for their customers to dispose of.

DS Smith Packaging Division produce packaging solution;

Based on solutions for other produce growers and experience in the produce sector, we listened to the customers problems, gained a good understanding of the supply chain and developed a range of packaging concepts, before settling on a one piece Duaboard Medium heavy duty corrugated cardboard solution, with a top cap and drop down front, for easy loading of the produce.

DS Smith Packaging Division Produce packaging benefit for our customer;

The move to a one piece, one material packing solution provided the customer with immediate storage and assembly benefits. The strong heavy duty cardboard box performed much better than the double wall BC pack it replaced and the end user found it easy to re-use and re-cycle the new cardboard pallet box, without the need to separate out different packaging types.