Read about a Meatainer customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

DS Smith Packaging Division heavy duty corrugated cardboard “Meatainers” can be supplied with “block-bottomed” liners and the standard pack also benefits from “Sesame” tape integrated banding (inside the board) to minimise bulging and a Duabond manufacturers joint, comprising glue and tape for added security and elimination of contamination, such as metal staples.

Meatainer packaging problem to solve;

A meat processor was using double wall pallet boxes to pack and ship 700kgs of raw meat from the abattoir to various meat processors throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Although the box was designed to suit a 1200 x 1000 wooden pallet, it's lightweight construction and high content of recycled materials meant that the main panels were bulging significantly. When the second pallet was loaded into the shipping container there was insufficient room for the adjacent meat pack which meant the contents were squashed and sometimes the liner bag split, allowing the blood to run out.

Our customer was paid for the weight of meat delivered to his customer, not the weight of meat that left his premises!

DS Smith Packaging Division Meatainer bulk packaging solution;

We discussed different packaging types and ideas with the client and when we considered the weight of meat to be packed and the need for a box where there was minimal bulging of the case walls, we specified a heavy duty corrugated cardboard Calibre Standard box, with full flaps on the base and an open top. This allowed the polythene liner bag to be secured to effect a closure and allowing easy access to the product by our customer and the final recipient. The strong double wall heavy duty corrugated cardboard Calibre box contained the meat easily and allowed optimum container loading, without any bags splitting, or cases failing.

DS Smith Packaging Division Meatainer packaging benefit for our customer;

On average, our customer was losing around 0.6kg of weight from every pack, due to some of the liner bags splitting as a result of poor box performance. Although our packaging solution was a little more expensive than the BC double wall box it replaced, the total packaging costs for our customer have been significantly reduced as pack failures and hidden costs have declined and customer goodwill improved.