Meatainer Packaging

DS Smith Packaging Division heavy duty corrugated cardboard “Meatainers” can be supplied with “block-bottomed” liners and the standard pack also benefits from “Sesame” tape integrated banding (inside the board) to minimise bulging and a Duabond manufacturers joint, comprising glue and tape for added security and elimination of contamination, such as metal staples.

The strong heavy duty double wall corrugated cardboard reduces the incidence of pallet boxes splitting and contents spilling to virtually zero. Our industrial meat packaging can be manufactured to suit any size of pallet, but typically 1200 x 1000 and Euro pallet 1200 x 800 and can carry up to 750 kg of fresh meat. This industrial packaging solution is particularly suitable for periods of "peak demand" such as Christmas and Easter etc. but is widely used throughout the meat industry, year round as a cost effective single trip packaging solution.

In addition to rectangular pallet box Meatainers we also can produce heavy duty corrugated cardboard Octabins that are highly suitable for the storage and transport of meat waste and animal parts with weights up to 1000kgs.

When the DS Smith Packaging Division Meatainer is used in conjunction with our KAYPAL ® corrugated cardboard pallets, the whole container can either be re-used or fully recycled, so good for the environment too!

Our creative meat bulk packaging transport solutions are developed jointly by listening to our customers needs and working with them, together with our experienced Packaging Designers and Engineers. Packaging ideas are fully tested before production in our UKAS and BSI accredited laboratory, so you can be sure our meat packaging cardboard bulk packaging will perform in the conditions and environment appropriate to your needs and those of your customer.

Other DS Smith bulk meat packaging solutions include;

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