Read about a Kit Pack customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

“Kit Box” packaging is typically designed for either 1200 x 1000 or 1200 x 800 “Euro Pallets”. They provide ideal transport supply chain solutions for weights of up to 1000 kgs and above and are suitable for double stacking for worldwide shipment. Kit Pack is a very flexible, easy to use design, so makes a perfect “Emergency Box” solution if sudden requirements arise.

Kit Pack packaging problem to solve;

A manufacturer of photographic paper and supplies was exporting product into Europe in plywood "no nail" boxes. The boxes were performing satisfactorily, but there had been some safety issues with operators cutting their hands on the metal edges and some of our customers clients had been complaining that the shipping labels were sometimes not fixed to the packaging. The supplier had been stapling the paper labels to the boxes, but it became apparent that these were frequently ripped off by accident – probably when adjacent boxes were rubbing together during transit and in the shipping containers.

DS Smith Packaging Division Kit Pack packaging solution;

To aid the packaging process, we discussed design options with the packers and they expressed a preference for "Kit Pack", as they could more easily load the boxes with product before the side walls were put in place.

We proposed a simple print for the box walls which included all the standard shipping information and as the outside liner of our box wall was a strong Kraft paper, our customer found that their labels stuck perfectly, compared to stapling to the wooden surface as used before.

In place of the wooden pallet used before, we specified a Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard KAYPAL ® pallet, to which we glued the base tray.

DS Smith Packaging Division Kit Pack packaging benefit for our customer;

The DS Smith Packaging Division  Kit Pack packaging solution, including the Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard pallet base, reduced the packaging weight by 15kgs, which in turn reduced airfreight shipping costs.

The nature of Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard means that it is very unlikely for operators to cut their hands, as no metal is now present in the new box. The package is sealed by banding, rather than a nail gun, so the end user can quickly and safely access the contents, then collapse down the packaging for re-use or re-cycling.

When unexpected export orders arise, they are often required to be despatched "same day" so Kit Pack makes for a perfect emergency pack solution.