Read about a Hazardous Packaging customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Division

DS Smith Packaging Division has a Laboratory which is a UKAS Approved Centre for the testing of Hazardous and Dangerous Goods with UN certification.

Hazardous packaging problem to solve;

A distributor of hazardous chemicals introduced a new product range which they wanted to launch in heavy duty cardboard packaging as soon as possible, initially in small quantities until demand increased, so they were reluctant to pay for laboratory testing of the corrugated cardboard packs until they were sure of consistent demand for the new product.

DS Smith Packaging Division hazardous packaging solution;

The DS Smith Packaging Division corrugated cardboard "Superpack" was the obvious choice for this application, as this could be made available within 10/14 days and due to it's special accreditation, the hazardous packaging did not require costly and time consuming testing.

DS Smith Packaging Division Hazardous packaging benefit for our customer;

Our customer was able to start shipping the new product on time, in full, to meet customer demand. Although corrugated cardboard "Superpacks" by their very nature are "over packed" and therefore more costly than normal for transportation of Dangerous Goods, speed was of the essence in this situation and our solution allowed our customer to pack other hazardous products too into the same corrugated cardboard box, allowing him to meet all urgent customer demands.

Soon after the product launch, future demand became clear to our customer and they subsequently invested in a bespoke testing programme for the hazardous product, which allowed an alternative hazardous pack to be developed and accredited at a lower cost.

Our customer still keeps supplies of DS Smith Packaging Division corrugated cardboard Superpacks as they were found to be a perfect solution for customers wanting hazardous chemicals in small and trial quantities.