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DS Smith Packaging Division specialises in the design and manufacture of heavy duty corrugated packaging solutions for a wide range of industry sectors, supplying design ideas to protect, store and transport product locally and globally. Read more about our 2013 award winning design team Worldstar success.

Working within a wide range of market sectors, we have expertise in packing a multitude of products from car engines to plastic granulate in bulk and from medical vaccines to confectionery.

Our focus is on providing packaging ideas and solutions that fulfil the demands of our customer's total supply chain. Using a range of high performance Heavy Duty corrugated board grades, complemented by whatever other packaging materials are considered necessary to achieve the required performance, packs can be designed and developed for the most demanding requirements utilising our key competences and tested in our UKAS and BSI accredited laboratory. For example, Box Compression tests, Drop Tests and Package Performance Testing.

We are constantly strengthening our design capabilities in order to effectively translate our customer's packaging ideas into innovative, high performance corrugated packaging solutions that add real value to our customer's supply chain.

To achieve these high standards we are working to a well-established 4 Step Design Process.

Our design success is recognised by the design awards we win.

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  • World Star
  • UK Packaging Awards
  • Customer awards
  • Internal awards

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