Baby food manufacturer adopts award winning solution from DS Smith Industrial Packaging

A world renowned FMCG company has adopted an ingenious packaging solution which has now won a ‘Highly Commended’ award in this year’s national Star Pack competition.


A world renowned FMCG company faced a dilemma when it needed to replace an ageing in-house semi-bulk storage system. The plastics based system had been used successfully for a number of years but was now showing signs of potential stress fractures in its plastic components, which raised obvious H&S concerns of possible product contamination from plastic debris and, as these containers were stacked in storage, a weakening of the plastic structure that could have led to stacking collapses resulting in product wastage and potential injury to staff.

So DS Smith Packaging’s Industrial site at Hinckley was set the challenging task of providing a cost effective, reusable, yet hygienic semi-bulk pack to replace these ageing containers which could be repeatedly filled and emptied with up to 600kg of powdered baby milk whilst also being safely stackable three high in long term storage. 

 The solution that has been in use now with the customer for just over a year and has recently won a ‘Highly Commended’ award in this year’s national Star Pack Awards competition; is manufactured completely from heavy duty corrugated fibre board with an outer container that has an integral corrugated KAYPAL® pallet base and an additional heavy duty corrugated fibreboard sleeve laminated internally, thus providing exceptional bulge resistance, a feature that is critical when handling heavy weights of powder repeatedly. To also reduce the risk of contamination, the exposed flute edges at the top of the case are completely sealed to prevent any product ingress.

Unlike the plastic container it replaced, when the DS Smith Packaging container reaches the end of its useful life, it can be totally recycled like any other paper based product into new corrugated packaging!