2013 Customer Survey results demonstrate continued improvement.

Our customers experience “year on year” improvement in the DS Smith Packaging Division annual Customer Survey.

Despite coming from a very high rating in our last survey and “year on year” improvement over the last 5 years, DS Smith Packaging  Division has once again seen an increase in how it’s customers rate their experience.

Of those customers surveyed, the 56% that participated gave their views on the same 8 questions as used in previous years.

The questions asked were;

Product Quality / Value For Money / Technical Support / Service / Delivery Reliability / Employee Attitude / Complaint Handling / Support. 

Our customers ranked us across the whole survey at an average of 5.03 on a scale of 1 (poor) > 6 (excellent)

On this year’s supplementary question “Would you recommend DS Smith Packaging Division to a friend or colleague?” 91% of the customers surveyed said they would strongly recommend us.

Full survey results and individual customer comments coming soon….