DS Smith Packaging Industrial customers can now re-order via QR Code.

DS Smith Packaging Hinckley have now made available to their customers, the ability to place repeat orders for Heavy Duty Industrial packaging by simply scanning the pallet label with an ordinary “Smartphone”. This has been made possible by the use of QR (“Quick Response”) technology.

Although developed over 40 years ago by Toyota in Japan for traceability of automotive components, QR codes are only now becoming "mainstream" across the world as businesses appreciate their huge commercial potential, now that the tool to utilise this clever technology is "in the pockets" of most people on the planet – a Smartphone!

Unlike Barcodes, QR technology is both data rich and "forgiving" as up to 30% of the code can be obscured or destroyed and yet the information can still be accurately read and transmitted!

DS Smith embed the unique product and re-order information into each pallet label, allowing their customers to place a repeat order simply by pointing their Smartphone at the QR code.

Tests have shown that the re-order process using this technology takes just 3 seconds!

As Peter Foot, DS Smith Industrial Marketing & Innovation Director explained "many of our customers have integrated reordering systems for their fast moving products and primary packaging, but the nature of the Industrial market means that slower moving products, including Industrial Heavy Duty transit packaging is still often managed "visually" in the warehouse, followed by a paper based requisition system. This means the period between an operator realising that another order is required and that order being received in our office, can sometimes be a few days. Ordering by QR code means we receive their requirements immediately, giving us the ability to schedule the order in an earlier programme and reduce the hidden costs of rushed orders for both customer and supplier.

Peter continued, by taking the manual element out of the process, we also save our customers valuable time and eliminate administrative mistakes.

If you'd like a demonstration of how the process works, select the "Contact Us Today" button.

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