The worlds largest box

SCA Packaging has built the largest corrugated board box of the world together with the Dutch Corrugated board association.

SCA Packaging has sponsored some exceptional fair stands made out of corrugated board, together with the Dutch Corrugated board Association (VG). The goal was to promote so-called heavy duty corrugated board as a construction material. The design has been developed by designer Melle Koot in close cooperation with SCA Packaging's Heavy Duty Knowledge Center (HDKC). The world's largest box

A few days before the official opening of the fourth Wonen & Co fair, one of the most eye-catching attractions was already built up, closely coordinated by its designer Melle Koot; the world’s largest corrugated box, with impressive sizes of 6 meters high, 10 meters broad and 16 meters long. It is already since December last year that Melle Koot is working on this design existing out of more than 1100 meters of corrugated board sheets. First on the drawing table and now finally realized.

“I’ve designed 5 boxes of which this one is the largest”, Koot explains. “Corrugated board is great material to work with. It is light, strong and has a warm charisma. And not less important: it is also environmentally friendly. Corrugated board can be made out of recycled paper and re-used up to 7 times”.

The box was attached to the ceiling to be kept in place. To measure the actual strength, an engineering company calculated that the box could survive even wind power 8! Koot thinks the boxes are symbol for refreshing ideas and renewal.

For more information please contact

Ed Bosmans

Manager Heavy Duty Knowledge Center