Sustainable Innovation by SCA Packaging

SCA packaging has successfully developed a true innovation in corrugated board use in the plants and gardening market through its partner Quickhedge.

The basic idea is to transport and soil-plant high value plants (like f.e full grown taxus hedges) in a heavy duty corrugated crate, which will compost in time under the ground and allow the plants root system to develop and grow. A sustainable green packaging solution that will both, protect during transport and planting and finally disintegrate in the natural process of decomposition.Sustainable packaging

What is QuickHedge?

QuickHedge is a mature hedge that can be planted anywhere. It enables you to plant thick, mature and fully-grown hedges with all associated advantages. Now you can instantly create stylish privacy and pleasurable living conditions. QuickHedge is planted in 1 meter elements, so you are free to decide the length of your hedge.

Planting QuickHedge elements is a specialist job. Special racks have been developed for planting the elements in a professional way. A number of horticulturists have become QuickHedge partners. They are entirely familiar with our product and have the skills and tools for planting it.

During transport the roots are well protected by a naturally degradable cardboard box, designed by SCA - Heavy Duty Knowledge Centre. This box protects the tender roots against transport damage and dehydration. Immediately after planting drip irrigation is applied to QuickHedges. This gives them enough moisture to continue growing at their final destination.

The introduction of the new system is supported by TV media coverage, using Dutch TV celebrity Rob van der Linden to advertise the ease of use in gardening solutions.


For more information you can contact: Ed Bosmans via