Danish career days

SCA Packaging Denmark participated in Danish Career Days

SCA Packagning participates in Career Days in DenmarkFor the first time, SCA Packaging Denmark participated in the Danish Career Days in Aarhus and Copenhagen with the aim to introduce SCA to the students. The career days for 2007 took place between 6-9 March in Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen, one day in each city.

To create interest for the exhibition a folder was produced in advance. The folder was distributed to 20.000 students and at the same time several advertisements about the career days were published in different newspapers. An advertisement was also published in the newspaper MetroExpress, which included both vacancies and informed about the career days.

The exhibition was built up with the specially designed SCA material and the floor was covered of corrugated board with printed SCA logos.

SCA Packagning Denmark

SCA Packagning Denmark




A large number of students visited the SCA stand. Most of them said they did not know SCA on beforehand, but the impression of SCA was certainly positive. In Aarhus 62 stands/companies were represented and the number of visitors was 1.343. In Copenhagen 66 stands/companies were represented and the number of visitor was 2.218.

“The conclusion must be that SCA's participation in the career days was an absolute success and will probably be repeated in the coming years”, says Frank Vilstrup, Human resource Manager in Denmark.

For more information please contact:
Jacqueline Baert, Human Resources Manager, packaging.hr@sca.com