New Design Centre Vilnius, Lithuania

On December 8th the first Design Centre in Vilnius opened, which is the first one in the Baltic countries and the 5th Design Centre within the Nordic Region.

The market in Lithuania is fast growing and the corrugated market has changed significantly during the last few years. After joining EU, customers are no longer satisfied with an ordinary transportation packaging since they strive to maintain their competitive ability not only in Lithuania but also in other EU countries.

Design Centre in Vilnius openedFor that particular reasons the packaging must not only be representative, support the sales and marketing of their products, it should also be comfortable and functional in the whole product supply chain.

During the three last years the Vilnius Design team mastered many new SCA tools like SAM, CAPE, Artios CAD, Imagine and Midas. As being a part of the Nordic Region we are able to cooperate with other Design teams within the Nordic Region. It is no longer enough to be professional, provided services must be professional too. In order to provide excellent services, SCA customers from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia were invited to participate in the inauguration of the Design Center in Vilnius. They were familiarized with the concept of the Design Center, what services they can expect from the Design Center as well as production possibilities at the Vilnius plant.

Design Centre opened in VilniusWe are happy to note the positive response from our customers and there is a big interest to take part in different workshops and projects.

For more information please contact Rytis Normantas, Development Director, SCA Packagning Lithuania.