Award for the 'Champion Handle'

For the first time in its history and on only its second time of taking part in the packaging “Oscars”, SCA Packaging Nicollet received an award with the presentation of the champion handle.

The ceremony, hosted by Mr Jérome Bonaldi at the Espace Cardin in Paris on Monday 21st November 2006, was an opportunity for many manufacturers from all over the world of packaging to get together and present their latest creations, both in terms of innovative products and high-performance machinery. In fact, it was in the category for “mechanisation” that SCA Packging Nicollet received the award.

OscarThis Oscar is a major victory for SCA Packaging Nicollet and all its staff, who have been successful in completing a highly innovative process that called on their skills both in terms of materials and shapes, as well as their experience in mechanisation.

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