Read about a Packaging Supply Management customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Services

Packaging Supply Management problem to solve

After years of original branding and with their competitors presenting a more modern image, a major automotive manufacturer wanted to develop their packaging aesthetics on their "Aftermarket" range of boxes and cartons.

As well as addressing the print, the customer realised that bespoke print for individual cartons and boxes meant that high stocks were being held at their premises and often for long periods, resulting in handling damage, contamination and the need to scrap up to 6% of their stock.

DS Smith Packaging Services Supply Management solution

A practical and lean manufacturing solution that would minimise the amount of tooling and increase flexibility was required

A "wall-paper" design that dramatically reduced the number of print options from 200 to 8 was chosen as the optimum solution. This increased the "up-time" in the print phase for the manufacturer whilst reducing the amount of work-in-progress. Small runs through conversion also assisted in reducing finished goods stock to increase cash flow and working capital.

DS Smith Packaging Services Supply Management benefit for our customer

  • Increased manufacturing flexibility
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Increased working capital and cash flow
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Updated brand identity
  • Competitive tendering made easier