Read about a Data Management customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Services

Data Management problem to solve

An automotive company was faced with a 15% price increase when ISPM15 timber regulations were introduced. The organisation had many locations across Europe using timber products and most were managed by different personnel reporting through a range of functions within the customer. Up to date specifications and contractural  terms were either not  available, or not in a consistent format.

DS Smith Packaging Services Data Management Solution

DS Smith Packaging Services segmented the various types of timber products purchased and liaised with local personnel to draw up a master specification and pricing matrix. A recommendation was submitted which resulted in some existing suppliers being dropped and others appointed that were better suited to manufacture some of the products and service the need more effectively.

DS Smith Packaging Services Data Management benefit for our customer

  • Broader supply base across countries to reduce risk
  • Fit for purpose packaging
  • Cleansed packaging data to aid future procurement
  • A higher specification at a reduced cost