Read about a Packaging Services Consultancy customers experience with DS Smith Packaging Services

Packaging Consultancy problem to solve

An Automotive component manufacturer needed assistance on a project to store 2 years' supply of parts while one of its factories was relocated. The products needed to be packed and protected against damage and corrosion in storage and unpacked after 2 years.

DS Smith Packaging Services Consultancy Solution

DS Smith Packaging Services were uniquely able to offer a complete service, from analysing the detailed requirement and logistic constraints, through to designing and specifying new packaging solutions and managing the whole process on the customer's behalf.

As the parts were required to be stored safely for 2 years, Packaging Services employed the services of it's own UKAS and BSI accredited laboratory, along with a team of Packaging Engineers, to oversee the whole programme.

DS Smith Packaging ServicesConsultancy benefit for our customer

  • Packaging Services took on the whole process, freeing the customer to concentrate on its core activities
  • Packaging Services combined the skills and expertise of a cross functional team to ensure an objective and independent analysis.
  • Our customer handed the project in its entirety to DS Smith Packaging Services and it was delivered to schedule, on time and to an agreed budget.