Medical & Pharmaceutical Customers

DS Smith Packaging have an established reputation for the design and manufacture of Heavy Duty Bulk Packaging solutions in the Medical, Pharmaceutical and associated distribution sectors.

Medical and Pharmaceutical packaging problem to solve

A manufacturer of high value blood analysing equipment was exporting machines worldwide in "close boarded" softwood packing cases. The sensitive equipment cost in excess of £10,000 each, depending on specification, so complete protection and zero failure was an absolute requirement. Whilst the packaging was performing satisfactorily, the weight of the timber construction was significant, which made airfreighting extremely expensive and the end user had difficulty disposing of the packing case once the product had been unloaded.

DS Smith Packaging Medical and Pharmaceutical packaging solution

We studied the packing method, supply chain requirements and final user needs before proposing a heavy duty triple wall PowerPly box to replace the wooden outer. Compression tests in our  UKAS and BSI accredited laboratory, demonstrated that PowerPly gave a stacking factor of 5, when the machines were stacked 2 high in transit.

The internal foam and polystyrene packing fittings were replaced with a clever die cut double wall cardboard internal tray and cap system, which as well as isolating the machine within the outer, provided excellent cushioning to the sensitive internal mechanism.

DS Smith Packaging Medical and Pharmaceutical packaging benefit for our customer

The new packaging design was 14% cheaper than the original wooden box and as the tare weight of the packaging has now reduced by 42%, a significant saving has been achieved when the goods are airfreighted to worldwide destinations. When shipping to countries such as Australia and China, where specially treated timber was needed for customs clearance, additional cost savings have been made as heavy duty corrugated cardboard does not require this costly process.

The end user now simply recycles all the corrugated cardboard through a single waste stream, no longer needing to separate the original wooden, foam and polystyrene packing components.

Splinters and nails have also been eliminated, which improves handling and safety and the new packing containers are now professionally printed in 2 colours with our customers name, logo and shipping symbols.