Rubber Packaging Customer

High performance boards and containers are an absolute requirement for the Rubber and associated industry sectors. DS Smith Packaging have a proven track record in the design and manufacture of Heavy Duty Bulk Packaging for rubber and similar products, in all its various forms.

Rubber Packaging problem to solve

Our customer was packing 25kg raw rubber bales into steel, returnable containers for worldwide export. Performance of the steel containers was not in question, but the "returns" were difficult to manage for some destinations as the shipping costs for infrequent users were prohibitively high and loading the system with additional containers at hundreds of pounds each was harming profitability and still causing supply chain difficulties.

DS Smith Packaging Rubber packaging solution

We developed product packaging ideas with the customer for the rubber bales, replacing the steel containers for selected worldwide locations, where "returns" were not practical. Our packaging solution was a triple wall PowerPly packing case, designed for use with an 1140 x 1140 pallet – total contents weight 800kgs. The customer continues to use the returnable steel packing containers for high volume, regular clients, but will replace these with the new pack as replacements are required.

DS Smith Packaging Rubber packaging benefit for our customer

Our triple wall Heavy Duty packing case for the rubber bales is made from high grade "Wet Strength" Kraft liners and wet strength adhesives. Despite a contents weight of 800kgs, the container can be stacked 2 high in the warehouse, so doesn't take up any more space than the steel containers they replace.

Printing the new packing cases with our customers name and logo has significantly improved marketing and by incorporating positioning boxes for shipping information and labels, the important data – throughout the supply chain, is always in the right place, on the correct side of each container and it is reported that this has significantly reduced delayed consignments and improved customer goodwill.