Retail Customer

DS Smith Packaging have a team of talented packaging & graphic designers, experienced in developing innovative solutions for the Retail sector.

Retail Packaging problem to solve

A High Street Multiple Retailer was using plastic "BDU's" (Bulk Distribution Units) for closed loop distribution and marketing of a range of fresh vegetables. The packing containers were collapsed down after use and returned to various suppliers across the UK.

The containers were performing well, but fluctuating demand and occasional transport disruption meant that the re-usable packing containers were not always where the packaging demand existed and investing in additional stock would have represented a significant outlay.

DS Smith Packaging Retail packaging solution

We replicated the "foot print" of the returnable BDU and developed a Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard alternative, which was supplied "layflat" and collapsed down after use. We colour coated our container 100% black, which meant that the "look and feel" on the supermarket floor blended in. We have since developed new Heavy Duty cardboard solutions for this customer which better optimise their supply chain and maximise retail floor space, compared with "off the shelf" plastic alternatives.

DS Smith Packaging Retail packaging benefit for our customer

Our customer and his suppliers now have packaging when they want it and where they want it! So significant packaging costs have been saved. As corrugated cardboard recycles, our customer is pleased with this creative "green" solution.