Bulk Packaging Customer

DS Smith Packaging have a proven track record in the design and manufacture of Heavy Duty Bulk Packaging for a wide range of Industries including Automotive, Chemical, Food and general Distribution and Logistics.

Bulk Packaging problem to solve

A plastic closure manufacturer was shipping goods to some of their clients in lightweight 25kg cardboard boxes. The boxes were cheap and effective, but required time consuming assembly and manual handling. This created inefficiencies in the supply chain as transport and warehouse facilities were not fully optimised and some of the packaging was difficult to dispose of.

DS Smith Packaging Bulk Packaging solution

We developed packaging ideas with the customer, replacing 48 cardboard boxes with 1 pallet based Heavy Duty container, incorporating an "Easy Pack" drop front facility and a cardboard pallet.

DS Smith Packaging Bulk Packaging benefit for our Customer

Our customer was using 5000 x 25kg cardboard boxes per week, which have now been replaced by 104 bulk packaging containers from DS Smith Packaging.

The unique "Easy Pack" feature saves considerable packing time and allows the end user to access the product quickly and has also reduced damages.

This premium packaging solution has saved our customer around 12% on his packaging spend.